A Collection Of Good Research Paper Topic Ideas For An English Class

During lessons, your lecturer may ask you to come up with good research paper topics in English. You do not have to be green in this case. You should be able to come up with compelling topics that can impress the teacher and everyone in your audience. You do not have to worry though if you are a rookie. There are a number of things you need to keep in mind before you choose a perfect topic for your research paper

Tips to master in choosing the best topic

Before you choose the best topic, make sure you master these tips:

Carry out research

It is advisable to use some of your time in carrying out an exploration about research paper topics that you can come up with for an English class. However, some books contain up-to-date information while others do not. You therefore have to be cautious about this. When exploring books and other sources, putting down the most important ideas in form of notes is of great value. These ideas may come in handy when composing your topics.


Original topics are the best to craft about. You will in fact get confidence and you will be able to compose the best ideas knowing that no other writer has written about it before. Knowledge of coming up with an unparalleled topic is necessary in this case. If you do not keep this in mind, you may end up with something that is too obvious.

Simplicity and repetition

Simple topics that are also precise are advisable to choose. As you read through a given topic, there should be no words that may give you problems when you try to understand them. Each word should be clear to enable every ready to understand your thesis and objectives.

If you really want to pick a top notch topic, here are a few ideas that should keep you on the most appropriate track:

  1. What lead to the differences between the American and the British English languages?
  2. How did English language become one of the greatest international languages in the world?
  3. How can English speaking be improved among schools that are less exposed?
  4. How is the old English language related to the modern English language?
  5. How has English as linguistic affected intercultural interactions between different African communities?
  6. What is the best way to use nouns and various pronouns in situations where one’s gender identity is unclear?
  7. What challenges do rookies encounter when learning English as their alternative or second language?
  8. What factors should be put in place to ensure English language is easily learned by rookies?
  9. What are some of the changes in gender that come up in the use of English?
  10. What leads to the differences in English speaking between urban and the rural people?
  11. What contribution has William Shakespeare made towards English?
  12. What contributions have Indian writers made towards the growth of English?